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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


The ReadMore Publishing System For Churches



"Simply put, the ReadMore publishing system provides you with the best church communications utility available anywhere, bar none."

On top of that, our prices are the best available anywhere for a full-featured web-based church communications utility.  This is church website software that is affordable for any size church.  In fact our package even includes your church website hosting.

Check out the newspaper for the Diocese of San Jose, California: .

For $80 to $100 per month, depending on the size of your congregation, here’s what you get:

  • A complete, dynamic website for your church, including web hosting on our servers.  Anyone in your church who can type and connect to the internet can easily make changes and additions to your website.  You will not have to pay a web technician to add and change the content of your site.  Since you can make changes, deletions, and additions easily in just minutes, your site becomes a dynamic tool for your congregation.  We don't use the term "communications utility" lightly.  You will be amazed at what you can do with the ReadMore publishing system for churches.

  • A state of the art online church directory.  You can easily modify the information about each member in the directory, including photographs, at any time.  You can restrict access to the directory so that only registered users can log in to it.  Individual users can elect to make their profiles public or private.

  • Full-featured church newspaper.  If you publish a church newspaper, this is for you.  If you don’t, this is the perfect solution for an online weekly bulletin or whatever your congregation calls it.  You can set every article or news story to archive automatically on a specific date.  This is church newspaper software at its finest, perfect for any online church publication.

  • A church newsletter function that sends your weekly headlines plus anything else you wish to the inbox of your recipients.  You can include stories, images, whatever.  Save on postage!

  • Unlimited menus and submenus.  You can have as many menus and submenus as you wish, and you can restrict access to any submenu in your site so that only registered users can access the pages of the submenu.

  • A complete polling system.  Easily get a feel for what your congregation is thinking about any issues or projects.  Change polls as often as you wish.  Each poll contains a complete reporting system.

  • A full-featured events calendar.  This is really special.  You can post events from the admin section of your site using the powerful editor that we include, and these events will automatically appear as links in the calendar itself.

  • A community submissions function.  Similar to the events calendar, this function allows your members to submit events from the front end of the site.  Then, the decision whether to publish these events is made by the administrator.  In other words, publication is not automatic.  You keep control, and yet there is minimal handling of the text in the submissions because it’s already in your system just waiting to be activated.

  • Assignment of website and publication functions to different users.  You can allow different people to work on the website at the same time.  The administrator controls the access level of each user and the responsibility assigned to each user.

  • A state of the art blogging function.  Your ministers and teachers can use this function to stay in closer touch with the flock.

  • We have even decided to include the real estate and classifieds functions that we provide to newspapers and real estate agencies.  We believe that these can be useful tools for a church, both with respect to the congregation itself and as a way to reach out in service to the community at large.

There is much, much more that the ReadMore church communications utility offers.

Call us or email us today to discuss a free trial offer:  615-866-4431